Synergy Global Sourcing has a qualified and trained work inspection team comprising of graduate and diploma mechanical and electrical engineers to conduct an in-process and final inspection of parts.

Inspection receiver / fixture gages are developed according to the critical nature of the parts to conduct 100% inspection of all critical dimensions.

All instruments and GO/ NO-GO thread , plug and ring gages are calibration by accredited laboratories having international traceability. Gages have been developed up to an accuracy of 0.0002”.


Synergy Global Sourcing has a vast experience in packaging of all types of products to bear the vagaries of all modes of transport, especially the challenging environments of ocean freight.

All packaging standards and methods conform to and are certified to ISPM 15 standards. Extreme care is taken to provide all possible protection to prevent any damage to your intricate and critical products during transit.

Anti-corrosive materials like VCI oils, VCI bags and fumigated wood is used to ensure your product reaches you safely.


Synergy has established a Lean Supply Chain, a unique mechanism that has doesn’t have any hidden costs of inventory carrying cost and yet ensure on-time delivery. We ship through three major ports out of India; Mumbai, Chennai and Tuticorin that connect vessels through Colombo, Singapore and Busan. We work with the best freight forwarders in the industry like JAS Forwarding, Star Asia, DHL & Fedex.


Synergy Global Sourcing does a dynamic on-going supplier assessment and provide a supplier assessment score to each of it’s suppliers on the basis of

  • Quality,
  • Delivery &
  • Service Levels.

Suppliers having a lower score are closely supported to improve their score with shop floor level hand holding.