Synergy Global Sourcing was founded in 2007 by a team of hands-on engineering professionals with a rich combined experience of over 150 years in international and domestic industrial businesses.  With 100+ employees (60% engineers), 200+ qualified active manufacturing partners, on-site quality engineers in 5 industrial hubs  across India, we achieve less than 500ppm defect level and over 95% on-time delivery performance.

Synergy Global Sourcing offers strategic off-shore contract manufacturing and friend-shoring solutions...

  • Sourcing of parts to print / drawing specifications of high precision, high quality mechanical components   delivered on time.
  • Contract Assembly of  engineering products and mechanical sub-assemblies to customer designs and specifications in a dedicated cellular manufacturing and highly IP protected environment.



Founding Team

Ketan B C

C.E.O. & Co-founder

  • Over 26 years of business experience in Supply chain management of mechanical, electrical and electronic components and sub-assemblies, new supplier development, foreign exchange, implementation of foreign technical collaborations relationships with overseas companies and joint ventures between India and overseas companies.
  • Experience in assisting several American companies in their technical collaborations, joint ventures and sourcing efforts in India for highly complex components made out of exotic materials, castings, steel and parts with specialized surface treatments.
  • Expertise in setting up Kanbans and JIT supply chain management

Nitin R Patel

C.O.O. & Co-Founder

  • Over 25 years of experience in packaging and logistics and bring his vast experience in this field to Synergy Global Sourcing.
  • Mr.Nitin is an expert in packaging and is familiar with all international standards of packaging and handling export packaging of various companies exporting to Europe, U.S.A., and Japan.

J. Srinivasan

J. Srinivasan

J. Srinivasan

Senior Consultant & New Product Development

  • Over 35 years of experience in manufacturing and operations management in fabrication, automotive and sheet metal industries.
  • His primary expertise is in sourcing of mechanical components, machining and sheet / plate fabrication product development and cost estimation.

Dilip K Somaiya

Dilip K Somaiya

Dilip K Somaiya

Partner & Founder of Synergy

  • Holds Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering,  a Master’s in Industrial Engineering and MBA from the University of Houston, Texas, USA.
  • Over 40 years of successful career in the manufacturing field.  He was employed by TRW Inc., FMC Corp., and Firestone in America in managerial positions in all disciplines of production and supply chain management. He has gained considerable “hands-on” experience in implementation of World Class Manufacturing (Lean Management) techniques. He heads a team of professional consultants in India to for implementation of Lean in Indian companies

Dharmesh Patel

Dharmesh Patel

Dharmesh Patel

Partner & Co-promotor of Krishna Group

  • Over 35 years of experience in the industry by providing packaging solutions to various industries in Hosur, Bangalore and other parts of south India.


  • Work towards building a reputation in the global sourcing business among stakeholders through trust, teamwork & timeliness.
  • To develop and groom a highly dedicated team who will perform diligently and ensure always deliver good products and services promptly.


Mr. Mike Swartzlander | Marketing Director, North America

Mr. Mike Swartzlander is a Foundry Strategist, India Expert, and A Speaker Coach. Mike has over 35 years experience in all aspects of manufacturing and sourcing for Fortune 500 OEM's, as well as small an medium size privately-held companies.  Mike has been doing business in India since 1981 and has lived in the country for several years. Located now in North Carolina near Asheville, Mike is the exclusive representative for Synergy In the USA
Contact:  mike@synergyglobal.in
Phone: +1-614-849-8257


  • Krishna Group is a pioneer in export packaging, wood business and Industrial tools and hardware, for the past 60 years.
  • Synergy, a consulting company based in Bangalore started in 2005 with clients in the U.S, U.K., and Europe, for sourcing engineering components and sub-assemblies from India.
  • D K Somaiya & Associates, India’s leading consultants for 25 years in Lean Manufacturing and world Class Manufacturing techniques (WCM) and have assisted several large and medium-sized companies in India and abroad.