About us

Synergy Global Sourcing is promoted by highly experienced professionals in the field of international trade and domestic industrial business for over 35 years. The main objective of Synergy Global Sourcing is to supply products of all kinds including engineering components and systems to clients in the Europe and U.K.

Synergy Global Sourcing has been promoted by the partners of Krishna Group, Synergy & DK Somaiya and Associates

Associate companies

Krishna Group are pioneers in the export packaging, wood business and Industrial tools and hardware, for the past 60 years and in operations at their main facility in Hosur for the past 25 years. Krishna Group specializes in the in the field of export packaging for exports of all kinds of products and machines all around the world. www.krishnagroup.net

Synergy is a consulting company based in Bangalore started about 4 years ago with clients in the U.S, U.K. and Europe, for sourcing of all kinds of engineering components and sub-assemblies. www.indiasynergy.com

D K Somaiya & Associates are India’s leading consultants in Lean Manufacturing and World Class Manufacturing techniques and have assisted several large and medium sizes industries in India achieve world class performance.

Profiles of Key Team members

Ketan B C - Partner & Co-founder of Synergy

Ketan B.COver 12 years of business experience in Supply chain management of mechanical, electrical and electronic components and sub-assemblies, new supplier development, foreign exchange, implementation of foreign technical collaborations relationships with overseas companies and joint ventures between India and overseas companies.  Experience in assisting several American companies in their technical collaborations, joint ventures and sourcing efforts in India amounting to more than $ 5 million annually, for highly complex components made out of exotic materials, castings, steel and parts with specialized surface treatments.  Expertise in setting up Kanbans and JIT supply chain management

Nitin R Patel - Partner & Co-promoter of  Krishna Group

Over 25 years of experience in packaging and logistics and bring his vast experience in this field to Synergy Global Sourcing.    Mr.Nitin is an expert in packaging and is familiar with all international standards of packaging and handling export packaging of various companies exporting to Europe, U.S.A. and Japan.

Dilip K Somaiya  - Partner & Founder of Synergy

D.K SomaiyaHolds Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering,  a Master’s in Industrial Engineering and MBA from University of        Houston, Texas, USA.

Over 40 years of successful career in the manufacturing field.  He was employed by TRW Inc., FMC Corp. and Firestone in America in managerial positions in all disciplines of production and supply chain management. He has gained considerable “hands-on” experience in implementation of World Class Manufacturing (Lean Management) techniques. He heads a team of professional consultants in India to for implementation of Lean in Indian companies,

Dharmesh Patel - Partner & Co-promotor of Krishna Group

Over 35 years of experience in the industry by providing packaging solutions to various industries in Hosur, Bangalore and other parts of south India.

J. Srinivasan - Senior Consultant  - New Product Development

J. Srinivasan Over 35 years of experience in manufacturing and operations management in fabrication, automotive and sheet metal industries. His primary expertise is in sourcing of mechanical components, machining and sheet / plate fabrication product development and cost estimation.

M V Subramanian - Project head

Over 35 years of experience in manufacturing and quality management in the automotive industry, managing key operations at Synergy Global Sourcing.